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(FINISHED) Come celebrate our 1st anniversary with us!! 🍰



  • Sofia1992
    Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5
    Hello everyone.
    Surprise! Although I'm still absent from the community, I'm in cafeteria now with wifi and drinking my hot chocolate.
    I entered now and noticed that Community has its 1rst year anniversary.
    Happy Birthday to that amazing, cool Community.
    Although I joined this Community in August 2019, I'm still so glad that I did it.
    I made new friends here, participated in amazing contests, learned new things about Candy Crush Games and the community manager @QueenMia along with her team helped me a lot in my first steps here.
    Thank you so much! All of you are just amazing!
    Keep up the good job and let's make this Community better than ever!
    Cheers and Have a very sweet day everyone!!!
  • QueenMia
    QueenMia Posts: 12,981 Community Manager
    edited November 2019
    What an incredible year we had together! I am so happy and honoured to have you all on board and part of the Community family! Looking forward to build even more great memories all together - Exciting times 🤩

    Lot of love to you all :heart:🍒
  • KingChewy
    KingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend
    What an amazing family to be a part of!!! I took my ‘first dive’ in January and haven’t looked back since 💪🏻

    Thank you to all the CM’s, Superstars who have helped me along the way, our NEW Game Experts and all our members who make this place special everything single day. I am truly Thankful to be a part of it!!

    Dance Party time 🥳 🎉 🙌🏻

  • Acv
    Acv Posts: 650 Level 5
    Happy anniversary to the community this is a nice place to talk about our love for King games and meet new friends 
  • RobinCorte
    RobinCorte Posts: 2,254 Level 5
    Happy birthday to you! 🎉🎉🎉
    I love ALL games of king... 
    who can be very happy and excited to play king games for many more years, and the community always grows 🍭🍫🍥☺️🤩
  • SarLou
    SarLou Posts: 55 Level 3
    This community is excellent! So positive and helpful and I love all the competitions and chances to win extras. Congrats on 1 year in the new community 😁😁😁
  • paul5473
    paul5473 Posts: 466 Level 4
    Happy anniversary to this community I'm so blessed that this community has accepted me as a game expert and I've been able to be involved in some awesome events and help others along the way!

    Here's to many more years being involved in the king community!
  • kiara_wael
    kiara_wael Posts: 128,043 Candy Moderator
    Hi everyone  <3
    Happy to celebrate 1st Anniversary on King Community , You have been my life and light. Thank you for accepting me here . I wish that today is the beginning of another wonderful and blessful year. Happy birthday. <3

  • LadyRaffie
    LadyRaffie Posts: 3,972 Community Manager
    edited November 2019
    Thank you everyone for all the fun, the laughs , the share of interesting facts and for helping us to make this Community amazing!
    I haven't been here the whole year, but in these few months, I feel proud of this Community and what we have accomplished all together! 

  • satnam
    satnam Posts: 848 Level 5
    Hello team. Woo-hoo it's part time. 
    I came to this community few weeks ago and now I am always here because I feel it's my comfort zone, my sweet area to enjoy my self. And guess what everyone in this community are very generous by heart ❤❤.Thank you so much team for everything you give me. Like happiness,  enjoyment etc.. I am always ready to talk to someone or to help. This is the best part. And all the superstars,  experst, friends, newbies, team, etc...  They are the 💎 diamonds🌸🌺🌹of our community.
    Whenever I ask anything they are ready to help.
    Love you all😘😘😘
    And forgive me guys if I hurt someone's  feelings by mistake or anything and if  I did something wrong. @Elsa, @Spinnifix
    All the best guys. 
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