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(FINISHED) Come celebrate our 1st anniversary with us!! 🍰



  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 14,941 Candy Moderator
    edited November 2019
    Happy 1st Anniversary to this wonderful community and all the awesome people who make it so special: the players, the CMs, the Kingsters (artists, designers, project managers, et al), the experts and Superstars.  Thank you - this is a great place to be and I enjoy spending time with each and everyone of you.  Thank you for creating such a fun, warm and welcoming environment where we can make new friends, share our thoughts, ideas and opinions, play some games and enter contests and even win some things (like gold bars and boosters). 
     Thank You Alice In Wonderland GIF - ThankYou AliceInWonderland Thanks GIFs
  • gr33n3y3z
    gr33n3y3z Posts: 9,493 Level 5
    Happy first anniversary! And many more to come,cheers!
    happy birthday smile GIF by Robert E Blackmon
  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 22,093 Pet Rescue Moderator
    I've been here since the beginning clearly :D:D:D 
    Happy Anniversary to the community, onwards and upwards!
  • BQN537
    BQN537 Posts: 24,507 Pro Player 👑
    Happy 1st Anniversary everyone I love ❤️ playing all the king games the graphics and artwork are to die for really amazing.

     Thanks to the community for accepting me as part of your family I feel so welcome 🙏 everyone is wonderful the competitions and all the other games are fun so much to learn and great friends I haven’t laughed so much in ages all thanks to you guys.

  • Barry_Dean_Clark
    Barry_Dean_Clark Posts: 250 Pro Player 👑
    Happy Anniversary !!!!!
  • Nat09
    Nat09 Posts: 12,561 Pro Player 👑
    The Candy Crush Friends team is amazing, you give us this wonderful game to play, not only that but you offer us this wonderful community with the most amazing people across the world that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. You give us games and events that allow us to interact with each other and goodies to win. We also have an amazing CM @QueenMia and such lovely stories from @Elsa and other CM’S that are equally amazing. Let’s not forget are Superstars always there to help and have fun. Thanks 😊 

              HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY 
  • Sukanta_Biswas
    Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,738 Candy Moderator
    Hi all 
    I joined the forum when it was King.Com, Even though I wasn't active in the forum, I still consider it my family after the forum was transformed into a community. I got more than I wanted and I never dreamed I would get the respect that the community has given me. 
    I don't want to miss the community for a day.💝

  • Glenn1972
    Glenn1972 Posts: 16,648 Pro Player 👑
    edited November 2019
    Happy Birthday !!!! The community has been a great place learn in a great environment. Great People. 
    Happy Birthday!!!

    PS, @Elsa you are most truly a Superstar and my Hero!!!!
    Just had to say that on this special occasion.
  • Isavivi
    Isavivi Posts: 26 Level 2
    edited November 2019
    **EDIT: Unsupported Language** Felicidades! Me encanta estar aqui!!
  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 23,748 Candy Moderator
    A Very Happy Birthday to our lovely King Community 

    I am very happy and honored to be a part of this amazing Forum... which I can say, my second home!  Because, this is where I spend most of my time in a day!  I met lot of people as regular players like me and found good friends in many of them <3<3

    @QueenMia Thank you so much for inviting me to the Community!  I know I have told this so many times, but if it weren't for you, I would not be here <3<3<3 

    Thank you very much to all the CM's for always supporting and having my back all the time 🤗 🤗 🙏🏻 <3<3<3

    What I can say to my fellow Superstars... you have been there mentoring me, guiding me, believing me and being there for me!  Love you all <3<3<3 

    And also the NEW Experts... Very Happy to know you all!  Keep doing what you are doing and rocking! 

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