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(FINISHED) Come celebrate our 1st anniversary with us!! 🍰



  • Stephanie_Jordan
    Stephanie_Jordan Posts: 30 Level 2

    🎂Happy 1st Anniversary to the sweetest Community Center in all of gaming!  
  • Sickfrog
    Sickfrog Posts: 36 Level 2
    Haveanappybathday everyone =)
  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,578 Level 5
    edited November 2019
    It has been a lot of fun, fun, fun! Much thanks to the CM's, Superstars and a great team of members.

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  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 13,323 Soda Moderator
    Yay. Happy 1st anniversary King community 🎉🎉🎉! I like helping others with this forum or to be helped myself. Let’s go to the 2nd year!
  • gar16002
    gar16002 Posts: 70 Level 3
    Happy Anniversary King Community !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sthomas717
    Sthomas717 Posts: 2 Newbie
    🎊 Happy Anniversary! 🎊

  • starsweet
    starsweet Posts: 484 Level 3
    Very happy and sweet aniversary!!!!!! <3
  • toyprincess
    toyprincess Posts: 32 Level 2
    Happy Anniversary!! 
  • MataiceAlison
    MataiceAlison Posts: 313 Level 4
    i am glad i i joined this wonderful and cormforting community in May ,2019 when i was looking for a site where i could relate with my fellow candy crush lovers & players!
    By that time king had not yet included the King Community site in the green gear wheel of the game app and am glad they included.
    i recieved a warm welcome from @Elsa
    And on second week of joining i was awarded with 20 gold bars after winning a quiz , these got me smiling all the & from that day , no week passes without me checking in the community!
    so lovely 😍
    i have also  gotten Facebook Friends with whom we share lives fro here 🤩
    Happy anniversary to Everyone when enjoys king games!!
  • flew66
    flew66 Posts: 2,361 Level 5
    Happy Anniversary everyone! I have to admit that joining the community is one of the best decisions I have made. I re-discovered King's game shortly after CCFS was introduced. It has been my favorite game ever since. One day I stumbled across this funny looking icon on the "Settings" menu and discovered the "Community". It is a joy to be part of this great community. It has added so much more to the simple arcade style game. I discovered all the like-minded and friendly members of the community. It has been my daily routine to check out the community (typically after I exhausted the lives in CCFS :p ). 
    I still remember vividly when I received the prize package for winning the Valentine contest. I would never imagine that I could receive a real prize by simply playing my favorite game and participating in the community. It connects my real world and the virtual world of game playing. ( It is a bit like Matrix the movie, LOL!). 
    I am proud to wear the badge as a CCFS Game Expert. Thanks to all the CMs, Superstars, Game Experts and the active community members who make the community the great place it is. Also, last but not least, thank you King's team who developed all the great games!

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