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Let's make King Community the perfect place for all of us!

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5
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'Hey everyone.

Don't you think that time has come to make King Community the perfect place for all of us?

Don't you think that it's time for some special improvements and new amazing ideas?

In that case, you came in the right discussion. Oh yes...

All we need from all of you is to hear your great ideas on how to improve more and more the King Community !!!

Me along with my group of hard-working helpers are open in new ideas. If you are interested, you can look around on @Spinnifix 's profile. Feel free to contact with her and she would add you to the group.

The helper group right now consists of:

@Glenn1972 , @Nck , @Udi , @Spinnifix , @Elsa and of course me @Sofia1992 .

So, let's spread these words in whole Community!

The more people that participate, the better!~

Together we can make the difference!~ Together we can make this Community the perfect place for the old and the new players too.~

The Community is for all of us so let's make the difference today!~

King regards from Game Expert Sofia1992!~ '



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