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(FINISHED) Spring competition: battle our Superstars!! 🌼

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Hello friends!!

We want to introduce to you all to the real, amazing and fascinating battle of all battles:

The Gif and Meme Battle !!

You may have tried to beat one of our amazing Superstars’ scores in your favorite game, but this is a total different story.

Do you have what it takes to find funnier gifs and memes than our Superstars?

@bearwithme @Chicken_Slayer , @Crimson_Dawn , @Elsa , @firebombmarkus , @Foley1362 , @kiara_wael @Lynette , @mysticalmysty , @PummyRaj , @Rancid , @SeraphicStar , @Sukanta_Biswas and @wafercookieflippers

Yes? then let’s start !!

Topic: Spring 🐣🌼🐰🌈

Where to find gifs and memes: Here, and here for instance

How to share a gif: copy the link into the insert media icon (the blue one on the picture)

How to share a meme: if you're not a level 2 community member yet, you won't be able to share a gif. But don't worry! You can still share a meme if you save it in your device and add it using the add images icon (the red one)


  • keep it clean, fun and as on-topic as you can 🌻
  • it's a loving battle, so be respectful and kind ❤️
  • follow our House Rules which you can read here. 😎
  • Superstars will start the battle- after that, anyone can join! 🙌
  • the same player (Superstar or not) can share max. 3 gifs/ memes per day

Choose your "weapons" wisely: and let's battle hard!!

And you, Superstars, show the world why you are real Superstars 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️!!

We will choose the 3 players with the funniest gifs or memes (the Community Team will be the judges), and they will receive 20 Gold Bars in the King game they prefer.

You have until Thursday, 23rd of April, 13:00 CET to participate.

Terms and Conditions here

And the first one to start is...@mysticalmysty !! 3,2,1...go!!!

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