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April Showers Bring May Flowers That Hide Secrets That Many Desire (finished)

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Are you ready for another FUN contest?

Tiffi, Jenny and Kimmy are enjoying the May Day festivities that are going on today and will continue all weekend in City Park. Suddenly Blossom comes up with an idea! “Let’s have a SCAVENGER HUNT and invite everyone in the community to play along!”


  • It takes place throughout the Game Communities:  There are twelve clues hidden in twelve different communities. 
  • You have two weeks to find and answer the clues, and respond with your final answer
  • There is a hint and an image at the bottom of each clue that will help you figure out where the next clue is hidden
  • Once you know where to look, then go search in the discussions for the post with the clue
  • Elsa’s story, What is May Day, will help you find what you are looking for in each clue
  • The answer to each scavenger hunt clue is a SINGLE WORD. Remember, the story What is May Day holds all the answers
  • Keep track of your answers because you’ll use them at the end of the scavenger hunt to find the final answer that will lead you to the gold
  • The last post will tell you how to use those answers

On May 14th, 10 entries will be randomly selected, and 10 players will be awarded 20 Gold Bars in the game of their choice.


Our wonderful @debrichmond and @Elsa have put this together with the help from the Community Team.

We hope you enjoy it. Good Luck!🍀

HINT FOR THE FIRST CLUE: Did you know? Your FRIENDS might know where the clue is?  Your FRIENDS might know where the clue is?  Look in the game community that goes with the image below and the HINT to find the clue.!) 

If you are having trouble figuring out where the next clue is located, you can use this hyperlink to go to it.

You have time until Thursday, 14th of May, 13:00 CEST to participate.

Terms and Conditions here

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