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It has been a quiet afternoon in the Community and @Elsa is doing her usual rounds to get some idea for her next story. She wandered to the “Funny GIFs and Memes to Help pass the time” in Candy Crush Saga Forum, and there she bumped into @Greymane, @Marriam1, @Nck and @wykoon who were talking about the next topic to be posted on that thread.

Elsa called them out and asked them about their day. Nck replied that there’s nothing much going on lately in GIFs because everyone is busy. Elsa nodded and asked them again whether they will be interested to follow her to the Hub and share their funny stories in the Players’ Corner later. “Sure, why not!” wykoon said and the rest agreed.

Before they go to the Hub, Elsa remembered earlier this morning that she had bought some special candies at Mr Toffee’s shop when she went there to get her coffee and bagel. Mr Toffee told Elsa that there’s a new arrival of candies today, which has a special effect when eaten on April Fool’s day. He added that whoever eat it will turn into something that they are thinking of.

Elsa was grinning sheepishly and thought she could use those candies to prank the 4 of them. She called out, “hey guys, these are the special candies that I’d bought from Mr Toffee’s shop this morning. It’s limited edition, sweet and tasty, try it!” as she handed it out to them. Nck and Marriam1 looked skeptical whilst Grey and wykoon looked surprised at the size of those candies, which were bigger than usual.

Since it looked harmless and it was a nice gesture from Elsa, they ate it anyway. Few minutes into chewing... lo and behold! The 4 of them suddenly in different animal's suits (they were actually thinking about posting animal GIFs in the "Funny GIFs & Memes.." thread).

Elsa was laughing hysterically at how silly and funny they look but feeling guilty at the same time. Marriam was upset and yelled “Elsa, what did you do to us?! Get us out from this ridiculous suit!” whilst the other 3 pleaded the same.

However, Elsa can't stop laughing and apologise to them profusely as she doesn’t know how to remove those suits because it was so tight fitting, it stuck on their body like UHU glue.

Just when Marriam started to chase Elsa, there was a loud knock on the bedroom's door and Elsa jumped up from her bed. She sighed relief that it was just a dream and continued laughing from it. It must have been the story that she recently wrote about pranks, Elsa thought to herself.

Oh boy, thankfully it was just a dream but I definitely want those special candies and hope Mr Toffee still have some left for me! 😂😂🤭🤭

Here's my April Fool’s day story. During my secondary school day (I was from all girls’ school), the most popular prank we'd pulled on our school mates was getting them to believe that their pinafore was stained with blood from their menses. Most of the girls would fall for it because it is embarrassing to have a "surprised monthly visit" 😅🤣

My dear fellow Community members, have you pranked someone or get pranked on April Fool’s day? Share with us your funny/silly stories or moments or simply post any funny GIFs/memes about April Fool's day. Let us have a good laugh! 😆😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂🙏

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