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(FINISHED) 💍Win Gold Bars here! Beat Diamond Lim's score on Collect the Doll Level 🎎

Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 52,504 Diamond Diaries Moderator
edited July 30 in General

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Hello Diamond Hunters! 👋

Finally Diamond Diaries Contest is back! So can you challenge to beat my score? I am sure you can! 😄

Here is my score on Collect the Doll Level 👇

🌟 The rules 🌟

  • Play any level of collect the doll and beat my score (36825). (Hard and Super hard levels are also allowed)
  • Play Bring the Diamonds to the Necklace, Collect the Jewel Boxes and Mixed Mode (such as Collect the Doll, Jewel Boxes and Bring the Diamonds to the Necklace together) Levels are not allowed.
  • Post a screenshot showing Lucy is collecting the doll and your score while completed.
  • It's up to you if you want to use bonus moves, extra moves or boosters in your gameplay.
  • You're also allowed to post your score more than once if you improve your top score.
  • Copied and edited screenshots are not allowed.

🌟 What's the prize? 🌟

1st place - 50 Gold Gars to the King game of your choice

2nd place - 30 Gold Bars to the King game of your choice

3rd place - 20 Gold Bars to the King game of your choice

** Except cannot win prizes on Crash On the Run game. **

Wondering how to take a screenshot? Check the instruction here. 📷

If you're not clear on how to attach a picture to this thread, check out here. 🖼️

So are you ready to beat my score? Get set! Let's start linking charms with your finger! Sassy! 👆💫😄

You have until Friday, 30th July 2021, 09:00 CET to participate and you will find Terms and Conditions here!

Good luck and have a sassy day! ❤️



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