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❓ Help - 🍡 booster from friends 💗 - gift

SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 20,996 Sweet Legend
edited October 23 in Players' Corner

Hello dear players

In Candy Jelly there is the player send boosters & lives to help in the game.

The ideas area is full of this idea as it has not yet been implemented in all games.

It would be nice if the studios decided to do it!

In the game there are randomly selected players who play with you, so to speak.

That's why I had this thought: You could also choose the players you want yourself.

The players can be family, friends and also community members.

Who wants it !! Therefore this survey from me: How would you want to decide: For the randomly selected players, or for friends, family and community members?

Can you please add the player lists?

Thanks very much 💓

@Diamond Lim 🤗

❓ Help - 🍡 booster from friends 💗 - gift 52 votes

for randomly selected players 💫
shatiSpinnifixFluzzardLaurenmlhjojo75istuffHavishhechicerillacarmenechevarriaShilviya18ndaozgreddycandyraretashanight3ArriettyMdoncoyotesherby44Rhondanell 18 votes
For family, friends and community members
Werner_CichyCarlitaAlfonsoGlenn1972EnergizerBunnyNamTruong2001Nat09Joost_Theunissiti_payungbmkersey08PrettyBubbleslaleyMountainMomDieOmimiMaryLuyo2020namal_butt_01Nikolaos_Prodromidiskerbear409rebelchildJessicaBillyCalamity_Coyote 34 votes


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