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Not Receiving Email

EnergizerBunnyEnergizerBunny Posts: 813 Level 4
edited June 30 in Players' Corner

It has been a week and I am not able to receive emails from any games. I cleared out my cache and did some changes to the notification area. Still no messages of any kind. Not receiving any tags from the mods.

Nothing is showing in the top right-hand corner regarding any mail or notifications.

Please let me know if I posted this problem in the wrong area and update me.

thank you!



  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 96,639 Candy Moderator
    edited June 28

    Hi @EnergizerBunny and Welcome to the King Community

    You can easily get rid of notifications.

    Go to your profile - Edit Profile - Notifications Preferences - Mark / Unmark - Save Preferences.

    For more Info here

  • EnergizerBunnyEnergizerBunny Posts: 813 Level 4


    I have done all of that. I unchecked everything then I logged out, logged in hour later nothing. Then I did just the email did the same then I did the pop-ups . I am not getting any messages at all. It has been a week now. No tags nothing. I bookmarked this site that is how I came across your reply. Nothing shows at all no updated mail in notifications. I cleared my cache on my device

    It's like I am no longer a member no information whatsoever from anyone. No tags from DiamondLin . I used to get tags from her every day and all day.and now nothing

    Thank you

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 6,889 Level 5
    edited June 29

    Can you please also share a screenshot of your notification settings @EnergizerBunny

    Mine looks like what you can see below

    Also can you click on your bell symbol and share a screenshot of what that looks like. Mine looks like what you can see below.

    Maybe not too likely, but there is also the chance that you have accidentally been signed out of the community. It happens to me when I clear my browser history. Please check you are signed in.

  • EnergizerBunnyEnergizerBunny Posts: 813 Level 4

    Hi @Alienscar

    I have attached the 3 screen shot. I dont think my notification area is working. I keep asking around if I might have gotten logged out of the community.

    I am not getting any tags from anyone. The Little bell on the top right hand corner doesn't show anything. I have gone a far as tried accessing the notification area from another device and nothing works.

    I noticed you sent me a test and I didn't receive it.

    Enter the kingdom I am not able to enter this site.

    The icons on the top right hand corner don't change. like they used to.

    Thank you!

    I sure hope this will get solved

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 6,889 Level 5
    edited June 30

    Hi @EnergizerBunny looking at your screenshot of the 'bell' it looks like you are receiving notifications. I have no idea why you aren't receiving emails though.

    I would also say your tagging is still working, but the recent change to the notification area has resulted in tagging being less effective when the tagging takes place in a busy thread.

    Maybe @wykoon and @Diamond_Lim might like to comment as the grouping of notifications makes Lim's tagging lists redundant.

    It is difficult to explain, but hopefully this example from my notifications will make it clear why I think you are still receiving tags.

    As you can see above I had two notifications this morning. One from you and one from @Diane_Black. A few minutes later this changed to the view you can see below.

    As you can see if I hadn't checked previously I would never know I had been tagged by Diane because her tag has been rolled up into all the comments in that thread.

    Here is another example.

    As you can see Lady_Hazel tagged me

    Not long after her tag had disappeared due to how busy the thread is. As you can see this makes it look like I am not receiving tags.

    I hope this is making sense to you. This is why you think you aren't getting any Tags from Diamond Lim. Because Lim generally tags in busy threads your tag from her will quickly be rolled up into the collected notifications for that thread just as Lady_Hazel's was for me.

    As a test of this theory I can see a notification in your bell screenshot that says "there are 9 new comments on" If you click on this I fully expect you will find one of the comments was a tag for you.

  • Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 85,754 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Thank you for your tagging me, helping and explaining the player. @Alienscar 😊

    Hello there! @EnergizerBunny 👋

    I have shown my screenshot and I ticked Pop-up Notifications on right option with my mobile (also desktop site).

    Then I see you tick them wrongly as you have ticked email notifications on left option only but haven't ticked pop-up notifications on right option. (Email notifications on left option that you will receive your email notifications from this community. Pop-up notifications on right option that you will your pop-up notifications on your Bell icon from this community).

    So that's why you never received any tags and notifications on your Bell icon from this community and you received email notifications from this community only. You must look Email and Pop-up Notifications on your notification settings carefully then let's try to exchange and tick all of them on your email and pop-up notifications that I hope you will your pop-up notifications on your Bell icon from this community. 😉

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 6,889 Level 5

    @Diamond_Lim sorry, but you are wrong.

    A pop-up notification refers to a little message that appears on your screen to inform you that you have received a notification it has nothing to do with the bell.

    As I tried to exolain to @EnergizerBunny the recent change the community has made to the way notifications are handled means tagging is no longer efficient.

    I will show you again.

    Here is your tag to me. Also note EnergiserBunny's tag below yours.

    Now look what the recent change to how notifications are handled has done to yours and Bunny's tags.

    As you can see I no longer know that you and Bunny have tagged me.

    This is why Bunny and a lot of other people think they are no longer getting tags.

    @Crazy Cat Lad @bearwithme

  • wykoonwykoon Posts: 11,727 Community Hub Moderator
    edited June 30

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for helping @EnergizerBunny with her/his issue. ❤️💪🏻

    @Alienscar thanks for the mention.

    I've actually advised her about ensuring that she logged in to the correct email address when checking for the notification from King Community because we sometimes have multiple emails and may accidentally signed in the wrong one. Not sure she tried it or not. She has checked the spam or junk folders and the notifications weren't there too. I think there may be issue with the email server, and it's out of our control. The only way is to contact the email service provider.

    In fact, if you want to know the detailed notification instead of a grouping message. Refer to the steps below.

    Simply click on "all notification" as per image below

    And you can see that all the previously grouped messages will be segregated from ...⬇️


    So all the grouped notifications can actually be expanded once you click on the "all notification" button as per the first image.

    Hope the above tips helps 😉.

  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 12,840 Candy Moderator

    Just another thought - I was receiving notice I had several emails but when I looked in my phone I didn’t see them. Turns out I had accidentally turned on a filter on my phone so I wasn’t seeing them even though it showed I had new mail. I had to adjust the filter so I saw them all. This may have nothing to do with the issue, but thought I would mention it.


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