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Can't use PrivateMessage after July fifth?



  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 157,655 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited June 2022

    Yes unless private users! But we cannot creating new threads on our Activity and Profiles only. So we can commenting on old threads (as before disabled commenting) on our Activity and Profiles but we also haven't received any notifications from our Activity and Profiles. Check this information here 👇

  • Peanut7139
    Peanut7139 Posts: 1,653 Level 4

    This is the first time I'm hearing about this. I can't imagine why this drastic measure is being taken, no other solution that we can't talk about to see if this has to take place? People who don't have facebook, this is there only option to message and connect with people. I myself do have facebook but the people I communicate with closely, I met through the community and PM messaging on here. They don't have facebook and we could lose that connection. If possible, can we know why and chat about it to see if anyone can come up with another solution than removing that platform.

  • NamTruong2001
    NamTruong2001 Posts: 4,296 Level 5

    Pardon me, but how about the chat among regular users. You just think only CM and moderators have rights and we don't? Or you just think our regular users like us are not important around your community, or you think we are the burden which makes your Community slower? Sorry but this decision is the worst thing I have ever seen in my whole life. This is the backward of King Community. I even have no idea what does "technical limitations" mean?

    Time to use Discord until that day of extinction.

  • Roan27
    Roan27 Posts: 516 Level 4
    edited June 2022

    That really hurts, I wanted to communicate with COTR players via PMs then this... Come on... It's better if the messages in the PM's are deleted in 60 to 90 days... That would be a great idea instead of disabling it.

    I don't even have other contacts of other COTR players as well as only PM in this community is only the way to do that

  • KCullen127
    KCullen127 Posts: 6,142 Pro Player 👑
    edited June 2022

    I think my suggestion of deleting PM messages 90 days old or inactive accounts is getting lots of support.

  • greddycandy
    greddycandy Posts: 12,429 Level 5

    I can't see the community working without PM's! The mere word community says it all! Theres people that has made friendships, good ones, they have their daily chats on PM and not just about the different King games they play. I know i use the PM often, theres no other personal chat medium in the community. Not every conversation or stratergy meeting is for plublic eyes. Ive yet to come across a gaming community platform where members could not hold a conversation public or private. This new decision is really going to affect the community negatively. And creating threads just to have a chat is absurd.

    Thanx for the tag @Diamond_Lim

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    Hi Everyone,

    Some really great suggestions here & yes initial responses can have us all feeling a bit emotional🥰

    We've all wanted some changes on many things & those can take time & require a bit of admin, juggling & logistics.

    Change has to start somewhere & often coves multiple issues. Some contests do require lots of screenshots, especially team games. There's also duplicate posts, system merges for those & yes PM's also. Even those PM's not just covering strategy & may facilitate learning new skills like animations or talking to others. There's Support Issues of connection & freezing that need to be attended to also. That's all multiplied by 18 different game areas & thousands of members. That's massive!

    Rest assured we hear you & it's not about rights for some & not others nor singling anyone out. I'm glad that whilst the servers are being maintained, I will still be able to talk to my CM on the Communities' behalf. Reading, as normal, your comments in all threads, to still help you out, even when not tagged.

    We'll find a way in the meantime, to still bring you contests & activities that are workable. I'm going to be as patient & positive as I can & not get tired along the way LOL Being creative & innovative when not in fair weather might just bring out the best in us all!💚🤩

    Let's all work together, put our best foot forward & help each other out like we usually do! We are a Community & Communities stick together, through that Community Spirit, especially during not so fair weather! 🪴🌺🌻😍

    I have faith in you all & I hope you all have faith in us Mod's & CM's. We love this community also & want it to be the best it can be & are working hard. Even across different platforms, time zones & departments. We got this & a little time, just might produce better functionality, quicker navigation and less pages to traverse through!🤩👍

  • Angel_Natasha
    Angel_Natasha Posts: 11,632 Level 5

    And how can we communicate to change Avatar and signatures and say our opinion?? ...

  • pillow6
    pillow6 Posts: 1,086 Level 5

    Please bring back private message. Cancel the private message disable. 🤬😡😡🤬😭

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