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What's up in the Blossom Blast Saga Community right now?

💐 Hot in Blossom Blast Saga's forum

🌺 All about the new feature in the game: the Quests! 

🌼 Do you have any suggestions to improve the game? Share it with us in the Blawsome Suggestion Box!

🌺 Play Blossom Blast Saga on your Windows 10 PC HERE!

🌹 What's your fav game mode? 

🌺 Which level are you on? Tell the Community HERE!

🌻 Please don't be shy 🤗 Come say hi to the Blawsome Community!

🌸 Wanna win some Gold for your game? Check out how HERE!

🌻 Have you passed level 4000? Grab your badge here !!

🌷 Participate in our bee-tiful games herehere and here !!

🌹 Share our Blooming Playlist here !!

🌻 Express yourself with gifs here !!

💐 Need some help? Check this out!

🌻 An issue in the game? Please check HERE before posting!

🌺 Blossom Blast Saga will no longer be playable on King.com - read the official announcement and learn more about this!

🖥 Official Announcement regarding Blossom Blast Saga moving from King.com here.

🌺 Why can’t I play Blossom Blast Saga on iOS 9 and Android 4 anymore? - read the official announcement and learn more about this!

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