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🌻 Pick your favourite flower and see what blossom personality you have!

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Which colour and flower you like the most can say a lot of your personality.

In Blossom Blast Saga we have four different flowers in different colours. Let us know which of the flowers is your favourite and thereby also reveal what personality you most likely have.

Vote and comment here below!

Red Rose - Romantic, passionate and emotional, but also a perfectionist and slightly old fashioned. You always see the good in all people and nothing in the world is stronger than love.

Pink Peony - You are good hearted and sophisticated. A very social person and a good listener. You can also be very nostalgic, but by having all good old memories with you in your heart, it makes you happy.

Yellow Sunflower - An optimistic and positive fellow where the glass is always half full. Nothing is impossible, all problems in life can be fixed and solved. You cheer up all people around you!

Blue Violet - Loyal and caring person that always make sure your your family and friends are OK. A shy and a sensitive person, but always there to help others.

🌻 Pick your favourite flower and see what blossom personality you have! 126 votes

Red Rose - Romantic, passionate and emotional!
AngelwingsDiamond_Limkiara_waelfirebombmarkusSpinnifixAshrafNckBQN537PcjSweeticeCorine_52Nix66wilsonwong6868rajdeeptbPrincess_lovelyChristinaMillerMollyMollsKui_Njengassbounty073Kittiee3264 26 votes
Pink Peony - Good hearted, sophisticated and nostalgic!
Judy_HedleySabrinaM[Deleted User]candycrushinitbobbiesuehensonCagnes[Deleted User]Pitty_Kittybyron76hechicerillayonahselcyAgapeloveMoni88Jenplayermargycaserivfaderdaisy73olyortizSLB1965karenmg 25 votes
Yellow Sunflower - Optimistic, positive and a problem solver!
Crazy Cat LadKingChewyMiaChristinejeanps[Deleted User]encantestammylee1969iloveyouwes19larasofiasofialilac1015Loveth_NPme6412Stanysheri71967Mr_PeelyMysticalMisty2jordannalynn32Ruestersally88viratjaggi 31 votes
Blue Violet - Loyal, caring and helpful!
barbfuentes1Nat09Kriss19xxchristine88gr33n3y3zTzuTzu11MountainMommcasacchiateresawallace44BlossomBees243DieOmimiCandyCrushIsCoolmelinda_aguilar5322morocha_mochaEmpresspoetryAnahita_2005JayzHouze75Greymanelilmamachrislong34sussisuki666 44 votes


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