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(ENDED) 💖 Join the Blossom Blast Saga Global Valentine’s Challenge 2024! 💖

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Hi fans of blossoms, flowers and gardens!

Welcome to Valentine's Global Challenge 2024! This time, you can go on a scavenger hunt that will take you to various locations on the Blossom Blast Saga pages. 💞

When you see the picture of Blossom, you know you've found one of the answers. 

Please read the instructions. To get the rewards you need to follow the instructions carefully to complete the tasks fully.

✍️ There are three clues – one of the clues (clue 3) will ask you to comment in the thread, " I found Blossom". Once you have done that – you will receive a special Blossom Valentine Badge: 🐝

For clues 1 and 2, you need to leave a comment with the titles or post the links to both in the comments section below. If you want to know how hyperlinks are used, read here. Please use the spoiler so that everyone has the opportunity to find out the answer for themselves.

✍️ Here are the three clues:

1. What day did bees celebrate on May 20, 2023? 

2. Where do we look forward to level 7000 and receive small gifts every month?

3. Where were players asked about their favorite booster?  

Solve the three clues for a chance to be one of the three lucky players who will win 30 Gold Bars in their Blossom Blast Saga game!

❗️Note that if you do not fulfill all 3 parts your badge will be revoked.

🐝 Buzz buzz buzz, the bee buzzes around, here’s more!

Don’t forget to go to the contest in the HUB where players have a chance to win 50 GBs in the game of their choice, as well as earning this Global Valentine’s Day 2024 badge, by posting the links or titles of the threads where they got a badge from each of the individual game contests.

🗓️ The contest will end at 1600 CET (Central European Time) 23 Feb 2024.

Contest Terms & Conditions!

🐝💞 🐝Happy hunting! 🐝💞 🐝



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