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No more maps

NamTruong2001NamTruong2001 Posts: 46 ✭✭
What is this thing??? 😠


  • LadyAzeriLadyAzeri Posts: 3
    Yes I love replaying my favorite levels and I cannot see the map anymore. What am I missing??? I hate the new honey thing. It doesn't make sense. It takes me sometimes 5 or more lives to beat a level so if they take away honey for losses how will that ever help me??
  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 70 Kingster
    Hey @NamTruong2001 @LadyAzeri :3

    I know this new screen looks empty! But we're working hard to improve it and add new and exciting stuff there so it gives more options than just having the maps. 

    Hopefully doesn't take long, thanks for the patience! :)
  • LadyAzeriLadyAzeri Posts: 3
    Will we no longer be able to play old levels???
  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 70 Kingster
    I'm afraid I don't have an answer for your question :anguished: When you reach last level in progression you'll be able to play those levels in which you didn't get 3 stars though. 

    We're working on developing features that allow you to replay levels whenever you want but it's currently in a very early state, so I'm not sure how it will turn out and if/when it will reach all our players. But I promise we'll work hard :hurrah:
  • LadyAzeriLadyAzeri Posts: 3
    Thank you for your response.  Although it doesn't really make sense why you would take away what we already have? We already had access to old levels so why would be "in the works" to add it back? 

    Somedays I don't want a huge challenge and I go back to old levels to have fun. Please bring them back...or leave what we had...
  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 70 Kingster
    Yeah I know, sometimes is hard even for me to understand certain decisions! I'll share your feedback with the team :)  
  • GamingDonnaGamingDonna Posts: 2
    I don’t like the honey. I don’t like the screen that replaced the map. I don’t like sending an email, and getting a taped reply to join this discussion for more information, and then getting the same taped reply to my second email telling you the problem has been ongoing since December, and has not been fixed. I deleted BlossomBlastSaga and will not be back.
  • caitlyn19caitlyn19 Posts: 1
    Totally agree. Sent an email too because I don’t like this screen. I want the map to replay other levels! If not I’m deleting too.
  • ShazarShazar Posts: 2
    Forget about the mobile app.  I went back to playing on my laptop.  At least they haven't "improved" that platform in a while.  I can still see the beautiful map and get to levels.  Hopefully they don't mess it up too. 
    I don't think the development team is getting the message.  They should roll back the last update and warn players when they are going to radically change something.  I realize that in-house beta testing and focus groups cost money, but it seems you are treating your player community as disposable.  
  • leenakt1leenakt1 Posts: 2
    I also miss those beautiful maps. This new backround is vague and gives nothing to enjoy. Maps were one reason why I have been playing this play. Think about taking this app away from my phone and leaving hole play.
  • macikatmacikat Posts: 2
    I'm on level 1428. Needless to say, this has been my favorite game. Now my maps are gone, my levels are gone, and there are bees and honeypots interrupting all the time. This game was simple,  attractive, fun and relaxing. Why mess it up? 
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