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Teams on Bubble Witch Saga 2

MirnaMi Posts: 37 Level 2
edited June 2022 in Discussions

Hi guys,

I'm not very often here and I come when I have something to tell or a new problem.

Does any of you have a problem with some players we get on the team? I mean, they take the tile and do not play, just sit there for a couple of days and collect the prizes when someone else finally finishes the row or the tile, the people who ignore messages to free their tiles or are just not there to play at all.

I suggest the King limit these people for a day. If they do not free or finish the tile, then just remove them from the current team.

These people make me very frustrated because we are limited by the amount of tiles we can do daily and if sometimes get two of such people, you are screwed.


  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 157,579 Diamond Diaries Moderator

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  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 24,603 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @MirnaMi Yes the team members who are inactive really hold up the competition of the bingo and at times for days

    Unfortunately there is nothing can be done apart to sending a message which most times has no impact

    I fully understand your frustration

    If a player has not completed a mission and has just marked the tile once the other team members eventually clear the board they do not receive a reward they will receive a message telling them they have no reward due to non participation 👍⭐

  • MirnaMi
    MirnaMi Posts: 37 Level 2

    I have a suggestion about team players who just take the tile and do nothing. Keep them 24 hours. If they don't finish the tile, remove them automatically from the game.

    24 hours is more than enough to finish the quest. I played two games yesterday on the row and today I played the third one but ignorant player took the fourth one and I can only start a new line or wait them to remove. No result to ask them to free their tiles because they are not logged in. So, if someone take the tile and not play, they should be automatically removed after 24 hours.

    Please tell me you can set that rule. Please. I am really pissed off with such players.

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 24,603 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @MirnaMi I think removing any individual players would be difficult as if there was an automatic clearance after 24hrs it could only be a board reset so you would loose any previous participation

    They're are way to many players for the studio to pick them all out individually with the quantity of so many different boards in play at the same time

    On a personal note I would love that to be possible myself

    No idea is a bad idea so thank you for taking time to leave your opinion

    You never know if the future may bring some changes to the process

    We have a suggestion thread here were ideas get passed on to our studio how about adding your suggestion too 💓

  • Anuradha_Bali
    Anuradha_Bali Posts: 4 Newbie

    Yes I’m facing the same problem often. Also when asked to join a team there is really no choice. Even when I do not click the join button I’m added to the team. Some team members just block a tile and keep sitting on it without participating. It’s very frustrating as I myself finish the two tasks within a short period of time

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