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Top 3 Owl level strategies

DanielDaniel Posts: 110 ✭✭

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is a great game that requires poise, tactics and strategy - especially in the Owl collection levels.

In an Owl level, you must collect a set number of Owls before the move counter reaches zero.

The Owls are spread throughout the level and usually the final few Owls are perched somewhere near the very top of the board.

There are many ways to approach an Owl level and a successful strategy can vary depending on how many other obstacles are on the board. Here are three strategies that might be worth trying.

Strategy: Seek and destroy

This is the most obvious strategy - hunt the owls down with extreme prejudice! When doing this, you want to focus on creating matches that free Owls with as few moves as possible – by taking advantages of Owls that are already next to colours that they match with.

Another important part of this strategy is to destroy owls that are as high up the board as possible. You want to focus on matches that also increase the chance of bubbles falling into the Vortex - which will then make the board move up, revealing more match possibilities.

Ruthless efficiency and clever use of any special orbs you build up can take care of these levels in no time. 

The seek and destroy method is best used in fairly simple levels. I find it can work well in Golem levels – as long as you pay attention to Golem patterns and maximise creating matches with chains of Golems.

It can also work well with levels that contain Spider-webs, but it is more effective if the Owls are at the centre of the Spider-web.

Strategy: Rope-a-dope

When a level is a little more devious and contains a mixture of Golems, Spider-webs, and Black bubbles, it can be useful to simply ignore the owls for as long as possible.

With the Rope-a-dope, you actively avoid destroying the Owls until you have no choice but to. The focus is on getting to the top of the board as quickly as possible and destroying obstacles. Aim high, aim true and focus on knocking branches of bubbles into the Vortex with as few moves as possible.

Now at first it sounds crazy but there is some method to the madness! When the bubble an Owl is perching on is destroyed or falls into the vortex, if it was not destroyed in a match that included the owl, the owl will fly away and find somewhere else to perch.

When an Owl has to find a new home, it will tend to fly to bubbles or other Owls of the same colour. The more owls you have looking for new homes the greater the chance that they will all clump together. Like the old phrase goes, “birds of a feather, flock together”.

The purpose of this is to make it more likely that your board will have larger chains of similar coloured Owls and bubbles, allowing you to create huge chain reactions. It also means once you get higher up the board, you will be less likely to be bereft of potential match options.

Word to the wise, you really do have to watch your move counter and the number of owls on screen and decide when is the right time to collect them. 

Strategy: Nothing to see here…

Sometimes it is best to ignore the owls and play the level as if they weren’t there. I can’t explain any logic behind this, but I’ve found success on some very tricky levels by getting into the “clear the bubbles” mentality. Who knows why it works, it’s as if zen magic focuses your attention on what bubbles truly need popping - like they are calling out to you, begging to be set free.

Not as scientific or as well thought out but, hey, it can work!

These are but two strategies we have tried when playing Owl levels but there are many! How have you tackled owls? Let us know your pro “strats” in the comments below!

And for more information, why not check out our Bubble Witch 3 Saga Beginner's guide?


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