Magic Duel in Bubble Witch 3 Saga!

It’s Magic Duel time. Stare at your rival’s eyes… Move on your tiptoes. Grab your wand. Count down from 3 and… SHAZAM! Work your Magic! It’s time to prove yourself and demonstrate that you are the best Witch around the fairies’ forest.

Try the new Player vs Player mode in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Get ahead of your rival Witch.


How do I Magic Duel?

To be able to test yourself in battle, you will need to be above level 20. As well as having collected at least 15 stars in levels completed.

You will be matched with an opponent and during the next 24h you will be competing to win the most stars. To add stars to your score, win new levels or play again previous levels. The player that collects more stars by the end of the 24-hour time frame will win the Magic Duel.

We will be able to see in your game if you are in the lead or behind, so you have the chance to catch-up your rival. Collect more stars!

And the winner…

If you end up being the victorious contender of the Magic Duel, you will get chest with a special reward inside!

Looser will get… Nothing. Do your best to win the Bubblific prize!

Another Witch bites the dust! Test your skills against another player. Do your best and win as many stars as you can to win fantastic rewards. Play Bubble Witch 3 Saga now and try the Magic Duel!


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