Cauldron Classic in Bubble Witch 3 Saga!

Welcome to Cauldron Classics! The newest and most exciting challenge from Stella and Friends. Warm up your wand and get ready to rumble.

What is the Cauldron Classic?

The Cauldron Classic is a limited time event in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Play 10 special levels and try to get the highest score within 72 hours.

Take part in the Cauldron Classic and you will be able to win mystical prizes by competing to get the highest score. 

Wave your wand as much as you want to!  You can play all of the 10 levels as many times as you need to improve your mark. Try to reach the highest score magically possible! All of your ten scores will be combined into your final high score for the ranking.

Would you like to how are you doing? Don’t worry! We will inform you and give you feedback on how well you are competing.

When can I play it?

This adventure will last for three full days. From Thursday 23rd of November to Sunday 26th of November. You will need to be above level 22 and have the latest version of the game installed. Make sure you update your game!


The top 200 players will win magical rewards! The better your position in the ranking, the better your prize will be! The best-ranked player will receive an extra special reward. We are introducing the winning player to the Bubble Witch world by creating their own in-game avatar! Will you be that player? #WorkYourMagic 

Grab your wands and get ready for the Cauldron Classic! Bubblific!

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