Let’s help the ghost find its way in level 69!

In level 69 we need to lead the Ghost to the top of the level to his friends!

Leading the ghost to his waiting friends can be difficult, especially in level 69, but his happiness when he finally makes it through that last layer is worth it all!

Remember that in the ghost levels, you won’t need to clear the entire board, all you’ll need to do is to make a path for the Ghost to follow to the top!

The Ghost itself is made of ectoplasm and doesn’t block the Bubbles, so if you see a great match, but the Ghost is in the way, then you can still send a Bubble at it and it will just aside.

Make sure to hit the Lineblasters on the way up, they are your friends and will be a great help to get to the top of the board.

Remember that these might hide under the layer of clouds too, so even though it’s a risk it can be a good idea to check and see what’s underneath.

Though the colors of the Bubbles change, the Lineblasters stay in the same positions, so if you find one hiding under a cloud, then it will be there each time you play the level.

It may take a few attempts to find exactly where they are hiding, but once you know it will be much easier to get the Ghost up there!

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