Level 1483 is impossible to clear (Level changed)

UshaBharathUshaBharath Posts: 5
edited March 26 in Bubble Witch 3
Hi Everyone, did anyone cross level1483..

I'm not able to clear.. 

With the limited balls(10+5). How can anybody clear 300+balls..
From yesterday I'm trying this.. 

If anyone knows tricks or hints.. please share

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  • WoodyWoody Posts: 46 ✭✭
    I have been playing Bubble Witch for over 5 years and have never ever complained about a level before now. But Level 1483 is impossible.
    After playing for 4 days I have never even seen the top, not once. I have 10(+5) bubbles to clear 309 bubbles , usually I have over 150 bubbles left when I have
    used up all my shots. I have tried every booster and still not got anywhere.

  • jayne27jayne27 Posts: 9
    I completely agree, I’m glad I’ve read your comments as I was beginning to think I was missing some extra bubbles somewhere nearer the top? Won’t be wasting my money then. It’s a shame as I love this game and seems this level is the one to beat me 😭
  • GiannisGiannis Posts: 5
    First of all Woody and Jayne27... you are absolutely right! I!! used every power up! I clicked on every cloud! I have +5 lives! I used all my energy powers! And all I can do is leave 120+ bubbles! 

    This is outrageous! We all know difficult stages! This one is not difficult! It's impossible! No extra hidden balls! No nothing! Such a shame! i really liked that game but I am this close to un-install it!
  • jayne27jayne27 Posts: 9
    I think the fewest amount of bubbles I’ve got to is 154! No chance of completing it. I’m gutted cos I really enjoy this game. Like you say Giannis, you expect hard and super hard levels but this has got to be impossible unless you spend a fortune on it 😞
  • GiannisGiannis Posts: 5
    Fortune has nothing to do with that Jane! I used Eri (with the Orb's power), Lyra (with the adding fairies on level start), Puck (with the arcane bubbles on level start), and every single on stage power-up! The magic color selection, the blue-ray... everything! Ysterday I had the 30min unilimited lives... Still nothing! I spent all my power-ups and left 80 bubbles and I still couldn't see the top! 

    I really hope they fix it! The stage has no hidden bubbles with extra balls and I really have no idea how we can proceed! 
  • jayne27jayne27 Posts: 9
    My goodness! I’ve only really tried extra fairies. So yes, come on King, give this level a revamp and give us a chance!!
  • ingenioingenio Posts: 1
    That's true guys, this level is just Impossible  =)  From last two days, I'm trying to find out someone who cleared it but none yet. I don't know what game developers thought of this level, and how they have tested it.

    Bubbles count 10(+5) is just not enough to clear the level.
  • ShellyMShellyM Posts: 6
    I have gotten down to 118. That's it. I've tried using the orb fairies arcane but nothing helps!!! My husband got down to 46 and that still wasn't the top.. Every one is right.  This board is IMPOSSIBLE!!! Help us out please 
  • GiannisGiannis Posts: 5
    Dear Shelly, your husband got down to 46?!  O.o

    ...and I thought I made good for myself!
  • jayne27jayne27 Posts: 9
    I’ve contacted king.com to see if this level is at all possible. Pretty sure I’ll be fobbed off and told to keep trying etc but it can’t hurt. I’ll be gutted to uninstall but it’s driving me mad at the moment so if no one can do it legitimately I will 🙁. I’ll keep you posted, you never know we may be missing something very obvious lol!
  • ShellyMShellyM Posts: 6
    Giannis yes!! And it still wasn't the top.  He gave up we both have been stuck and he used a couple cheats lol.  I'm saving mine
  • jayne27jayne27 Posts: 9
    If anyone’s interested this is the response I received. I regularly watch blogging witches YouTube videos as they’re usually a few levels ahead of me but can’t find anything on YouTube at the moment,


    The best thing to do when you are finding a level a little tricky is to watch a YouTube tutorial or two. Simply go to YouTube and search for Bubble Witch Saga 3 and the level you are stuck on and you'll find a wide selection of videos to watch.

    Please note at times we may occasional tweak a level. If the level in the video is different to the one you have in the game then please go to back to the search page on YouTube, select Filter and then choose Upload Date, to see the most recent videos. Make sure to keep your game updated to the latest version to ensure you have the most recent content and features.
    Remember that in most of our games, you can collect free boosters. Sometimes it’s worth collecting a few free boosters and taking this opportunity to tackle a tough level with boosters, to give yourself the edge and overcome the challenge.  

    Kind Regards

    King Player Support

  • GiannisGiannis Posts: 5
    Nice answer! Didn't expect something more.

    No-one has passed that level and we are supposed to see for a walk-through!
    ...like we haven't passed 1482 levels already (and we are newbies or something...) !!!!  =)
  • julez19821julez19821 Posts: 4
    Right everyone I was thinking the same thing as you lot were about this level but I'm happy to say after 2 days I've done it, I resisted buying anything for as long as possible but couldn't keep struggling on anymore. So here's how I did it, 1st I spent the 2.99 on the 50 gold from the full piggy bank, then I made sure I had collected the 3 hats so I had that ready special bubble to use if need be, then selected the second power up (not sure of the name). When you have all this just make sure you get yourselves to around 120 bubbles or less then play on for 9, then one more play on for 9 again, that will get you to the top if not one more will for sure. then use the special bubble from the 3 hats and it's done!!  2.99 well spent good luck everyone, let me know if I've helped ease your pain lol
  • ShellyMShellyM Posts: 6
    Julez Congratulations to you.  But not everyone can spend money on the game.  Hopefully they will  do something to help the rest of us lol
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