(FINISHED) Win 20 Gold Bars! What's your favourite game mode?



  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 4,784 Community Manager
    Hey everyone!

    By the way, our bubblicious Studio is looking for feedback, so please, head here and let us know what you think! There are some Gold bars to win as well ;) 

    Thanks and have a bubblific time!

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    Candy Crush Friends - Win Gold bars - Here
    Bubble Witch - Win Gold bars - Here

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  • PuppePuppe Posts: 16
    Yo disfruto de liberar a los búhos =)
  • mlq3812mlq3812 Posts: 2
    I have done this 2x and never have I got 20 gold bars. I love Bubble Witch Saga 3
  • frankie04frankie04 Posts: 2
    Bubble witch saga 3 is the boy why don't you share the 20 gold bars out  with the family hahaha 
  • stellanoitastellanoita Posts: 22 ✭✭
    frankie04 Be sure to give your ID ...... to .
  • Altyrone7088Altyrone7088 Posts: 18
    I like getting all the owls I don't really care about when I got to get all bubbles gone
  • leesmith317leesmith317 Posts: 2
    Bubble Witch Saga 3 is my favorite game by far! I love this game!
  • davahotmaildavahotmail Posts: 25
    Bubble witch saga 3 is probably the best game out there at the moment I can't stop playing it please send me gold bars as I only have 2 left thanks very much Tony Davison 
  • davahotmaildavahotmail Posts: 25
    My favourite game modes are wen I am chasing the ghost and you get down to the last shot and your not sure if it has worked then she jumps for joy absolutely class Tony davison 
  • kalysta1kalysta1 Posts: 51 ✭✭
    I like the lead the ghost upwards levels the most because it makes it more challenging to get the most progress upwards with the least amount of moves possible
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