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    28 is Most Definitely my FINAL ANSWER @QueenMia


    3 Simple Bubbles = 3 

    2 Simple Bubbles + 2 (Value of Swirl Bubble)  =  4 

    1 Simple Bubble + 5 (Value of Deco Bubble) + 5 (Value of Deco Bubble) =  11 

    20 (Value of Thin Bat) + 5 (Value of Deco Bubble) + 1 (Value of Simple Bubble) = 26 

    5 (Value of Deco Bubble) + 2 (Value of Swirl Bubble) + 21 (Total Value of Bat/Plain Bubble Combo) = 28

    I didn't look closely when I made my Initial Analysis. The Skinny Bat ballooned and became fat because he swallowed the First Simple Bubble on the Second Row which adds 1 Point to its Original Value of 20, making it 5 + 2 + 21 = 28. No wonder he looks flabbergasted. He looks gassy and having hiccups. 😉 😉 😉


    Please disregard my First Answer of 27 on the same Page @QueenMia!  Thanks! 

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    I think 28 too
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    QueenMia said:
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    Good luck everyone 🍒

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    I don't play this game, so it made it a little tougher but my answer is 28.

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    Well with all this new math gizmo.....28
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