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As you all know there is a new event in which you can earn points to get prizes. An event that is a team event and one I cannot participate in again because other than getting points for playing every day, I'm not able to contribute to my team. The only way to earn points is to pass a level, pass a hard or super hard level, finish a chapter and play every day. Being as I have finished the entire game, I cannot get points to help my team. 
This happened with the last team event as well. At that time I had also finished the game until new levels were released. Isn't there any other way we can earn points? Getting all of the stars in a chapter maybe? At least then those of us who have finished the game entirely might have a chance at winning or at least helping our team earn points. I feel bad that I'm not able to contribute and I can't even contact those in my team to explain why. 😢
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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