Events not loading

Whenever I try to enter a new event by clicking start, such as Stella's Lab, it takes me back to the main game.  I am unable to participate in any of the events.  I play on my Android phone.  Anyone else experiencing this and found a solution?


  • em33963em33963 Posts: 1
    @rmb32703   I am also having this problem. I have contacted King twice, getting the same automated message about joining the community. I have spent money in this game and I'm really frustrated that it isnt letting me participate... it has been several days at this point..

    Did you get any responses or did the issue reslove itself?
  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 7,177 Superstar
    Hi @rmb32703 @em33963 and welcome to our adorable Community 😊 I am sorry this is happening to you. Do you still have this issue? And which Saga are you playing, 1, 2 or 3?

    @em33963 Can you please tell me which device and OS are you using for playing this game? I also need to know which is the version of your game. You can check it out on the app store. Regarding contacting the King, once you fill in the contact form you will always receive an automated email message. You need to reply to that message and explain your issue in order for the team to reach you. If you don't reply, they won't reach you at all.

    @rmb32703 Can you tell me which version of Android are you using and which version is your game?
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