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Why does the updated changes keep messing up shots?!?!

I’m on 1300 and irritated beyond all belief! You made an update to the game and now my shots keep missing and going in weird directions they never did before. Ever since the fairy change which is ugly and the lit up bubbles which are also really ugly. Definitely NOT happy about this.  Please just put it back how it was. Definitely makes me think I’ll look for a new game to play. 


  • QueenRaffieQueenRaffie Posts: 724 Community Manager
    Hello @upbeatdata :)

    Welcome to our Community :hurrah:

    Sorry you are not happy with the changes made on the game.

    Could you let me know which device you are playing on and the game update version you have installed so we can test the shots as we have not received any reports about this 
    On the other hand, in order to get some insights: does this happen on every level where you keep messing shots? 

    Thanks and have a Bubblific day! 

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