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What happened to the game??? Having issues

I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’ve never had the issues I’m about to describe. First of all, the aim of the game has been ruined. I don’t know what happened but now when I aim, the ball tends to land somewhere else. I know I don’t always have the perfect aim but it happens way too often for it to be my recurring mistake, I am also not getting the balls that I need. I understand that the game needs to have its challenges but it’s ridiculous that for example, out of 10 balls I never get the color I need until it’s too late. This has happened countless times already and only recently. It feels like the creators are purposely making people lose in order for them to buy boosters. And I actually have bought a few things but it’s honestly ridiculous now that it takes a long time to pass a level because the ball lands somewhere else or taking long to get the balls we needs. Is any one else having these issues?? 

Also, I never get lives anymore from other people. I get a notification asking me if I want to send lives and I do but when I ask people for lives, I never get any back. I used to get a lot and suddenly the game is just different. This was my go to game and now it just frustrates me. 


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