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Competition and stars

How is it that when a new week starts some players have hundreds of stars within the first hour or so? I started in 2nd place with zero stars  this morning and the 1st place player had 52. An hour later I play again and the 1st place player is now in 2nd place and the player in 1st has nearly 300 stars.  Last week within a couple hours of the competition  starting one player hadbover 500 stars. That player ended up just over 1000 for the week which means it took them all week to get another 500. Is there a cheat out there?


  • QueenRaffieQueenRaffie Posts: 450 Community Manager
    Hello @kateliz63 :) 

    Welcome to our Community :hurrah:

    When you talk about competition and stars.. Is the Starlight contest you are talking about? 
    If players play offline then, when they connect,  you may see they have advanced big number.
    However, is there any way for you to share some screenshots so I can have a look? 
    For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please visit:
    Have a bubblific day :3

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