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Number of bubbles

nathalie2905caron Posts: 166 Level 3
edited January 2020 in Support
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  • Lola_Pop
    Lola_Pop Posts: 12,035 Community Manager
    edited January 2020 Answer ✓
    Hello @nathalie2905caron !

    Being stuck in a level can be really frustrating!

    There is, however, a reason why a level can differ from a video that you watch online: our Game Studios work around the clock to make our games more challenging and entertaining, and like to tweak certain aspects to enhance the player experience.

    That level 2018 could have been tweaked recently, and maybe the videos available online don't reflect that change. If it is very recent, it can happen that nobody has played and recorded the improved level.

    I'm sure you'll pass that level soon. Don't forget that you've already passed 2017 levels, so you're a really bubblific witch!! 

  • nathalie2905caron
    nathalie2905caron Posts: 166 Level 3
    Answer ✓
    Oups sorry ... 😳Hello, I'm at level 2018 and I start the game with only 17 balls while the other players have 30 ?? Why impossible to progress with 17bubbles it's been 2 days that I try even with spells I can not prevent please


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