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level 2127 has frozen

l played 2127 level for more than 10days

when l play game it stopped

l updated shot down and restarted already

but still doesn.t come right as usual

l stucked and no fun everynight

checke level 2127

Give solution and make it works plz


  • kaiser1618kaiser1618 Posts: 239 Game Expert

    I already had this problem with levels containing ghost bubbles, it was solved after shooting one bubble somewhere on the screen, doesn't that work for you ?

  • O2KEEEPERO2KEEEPER Posts: 5 New Bee

    l believe ghost bubbles is the problem

    l tried to get rid of ghost bubble after shooting

    they are still there and doesnt move

    inform me how to get rid of ghost bubble

  • Hobbe51Hobbe51 Posts: 2 New Bee


    I helped someone who could not even start the game, because it crashed at startup.

    I managed to figure out a solution that should be effective to many problems that is caused by some bug, virus or corrupt files.

    Before you do anything, please read all this!

    Note, that doing this kind of repair job can go wrong, and you might loose your progress. That would be very sad since you are at level 2127. I cannot guarantee that this will work, so please do it on your own responsibility, or do not do it at all. If you feel the description below is unfamiliar to you, maybe someone who knows more about Windows computers can help you.

    Bubble Witch 3 Sage is a game delivered via Microsoft store. All applications from the store suffers from an inherent problem: If you uninstall the app, all data will be lost! (Ok some apps ask you for storage location, but this app does not.)

    I have added an image below that shows how I did all the following steps.

    All the data is stored in a location on you C disk unless you have configured your computer to install on some other drive.

    Open a file explorer window (click on the folder symbol in the taskbar, or press the windows button and e).

    Open this computer (this may all be translated to your native language).

    Open the C disk (by double clicking).

    Open the User folder.

    Open the folder that has your user name on it. It might also be labeled 'Documents' or the equivalent in your local language.

    Open the AppData folder. If you cannot see the AppData folder, try to type in the address bar, after what is already written, and add '\AppData' and the press Enter.

    Open the Local folder.

    Open the Packages folder.

    Find the folder 'king.com.BubbleWitch3Saga_kgqvnymyfvs32'. That is the folder that holds all the game data, settings and many more important files.

    Right-click on the folder 'king.com.BubbleWitch3Saga_kgqvnymyfvs32' and select 'Copy' (or whatever the equivalent is in your language).

    Now you need to find a good place to copy this to, preferrably some other disk drive, or your documents folder.

    Open a new file explorer, since you will need to use the previous location again.

    Navigate to the place where you want to save the game's data and settings.

    Right-click somewhere OUTSIDE of the files and folders list, and select 'Paste' (or whatever the equivalent is in your language).

    Now you have a copy of your game that could be used to restore your game state.

    I first tried to rescue the game by installing Bubble Witch 3 Saga on another computer, and then add all files from the folder king.com.BubbleWitch3Saga_kgqvnymyfvs32\LocalState. That worked!

    So I got back to the computer that had problems, assuming some of the ohter files in king.com.BubbleWitch3Saga_kgqvnymyfvs32 was corrupt.

    By uninstalling the app, the folder king.com.BubbleWitch3Saga_kgqvnymyfvs32 was also deleted, and presumably the corrupted file. (Uninstall by right-clicking the icon and selecting 'Uninstall').

    Installing the app from the store again gave me a fresh and uncorrupt installation that worked, but the game progress was lost (of course).

    Now, I copied the files and folders in the LocalState folder from the saved king.com.BubbleWitch3Saga_kgqvnymyfvs32 folder, and pasted them into the folder the game got installed in (see above how you found it).

    Path is C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\king.com.BubbleWitch3Saga_kgqvnymyfvs32.

    IF, and there is a big IF here, the problem was caused by some bug, virus or a file that got corrupt some way, and the problem was not in the folder LocalState, your game should be back in order now.

    You can right-click this image below and save it to your desktop where you can view it a bit closer:

  • LamzilaLamzila Posts: 2 New Bee

    I play from my iPhone. I’m having the same exact issue and it’s also freezing when the magic wand appears. I have to exit the game and start again. I keep losing lives

  • Hobbe51Hobbe51 Posts: 2 New Bee

    Hi Lamzila!

    When you say 'the exact same issue' do you mean that you are also playing at level 2127, and that the solution proposed by kaiser1618 does not work? If so, this suggests that there might be a bug in the app and that only King can fix it. I suggest that you contact support.

  • LamzilaLamzila Posts: 2 New Bee

    Hi Hobbe. I had the issue with the transparent bubbles not being able to get dropped. I also had the issue when I found the magic wand. It froze and I had to close the app and re-open it to get back to the game. But...I was able to beat it and move forward. Like I had said, I only play on my iPhone and not a computer, so the solution given wouldn’t have applied to me. I did contact support a couple of times and they suggested it was me.

  • Aurora-4Aurora-4 Posts: 9 Level 2

    Level 2127 has been frozen. The ghost bubbles remain in the middle of the screen, there is no way to destroy them and it does not advance to see the rest of the level, so it is impossible to pass it. Logged out and re-entered and remains the same.

    I've seen more players happens the same, pleasefix the level, thank you

  • O2KEEEPERO2KEEEPER Posts: 5 New Bee

    l am stiĺl stuck on 2127

    Can't play anymore

    l wrote to help part of King

    They are not helpful couldn't give me any solutions

    They said sorry and remove cashs blablal..

    As l wrote before l did everything what help part asked me to do

    Still in the frozen level

    Ghost Bubbles are my trap

    l just want to know someone passed 2127 level whitout problem

    Help my guys


  • QueenRaffieQueenRaffie Posts: 821 Community Manager
    edited February 17

    Hello @O2KEEEPER and @Aurora-4 😊

    I have just talked with the Studio and they told me they fixed this issue.

    Please, clear cache and make sure you have the last version of the game app.

    Let me know if it's working for you ☺️

    Have a Bubblific day 🤗

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  • O2KEEEPERO2KEEEPER Posts: 5 New Bee

    Hi Queen Raffie

    After l got email from your team l update my SagaApp

    and removed cache

    then open the app again and played

    BUT there is no difference

    Still frozen bubble do not come dawn l can.t see any bubbles so l guess your team hs failed

    Your lovely ghost bubbles are very stubborn

    Your ghost bubbles do not want to disappear

    lf l.ve done wrong tell me l will retry

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