Time change!

TempleKassingTempleKassing Posts: 61 Level 3

i feel like I complain to much on here so let me start by saying that I love this game!!

Now, is there anyway to get to someone that can help “us” as a community to get someone to change some things “on wake the tree”. For instance, with the time change now I have to wait till 3 AM instead of the usual 2 AM. I’m so addicted to this game and I will stay up that late just to wake the rest of the tree. Can someone please either make the wait time not 24 hours or make it to where you can help with the other two flowers at midnight. I fully understand that the creators are busy making new levels but if they can just throw this one in there it will make a world of difference

tThank you,

Always a faithful bubble popper,

Tk! 💜

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