Level 2446 Not enough owls

WoodyWoody Posts: 64 Level 3

After playing for a while finally reached the top. So cleared the remaining owls with 4 boosters only to find that there weren't enough owls to finish the level. And the level froze.


  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 3,388 Legend

    Lvl freeze... do check that u have more than 2GB of memory left...

    restart ur device n update to latest version too

  • KimElstonKimElston Posts: 1,432 Superstar

    @Woody hi I dont understand what you mean when you say there was not enough owls to finish the level once you have cleared them thats level completed you dont need more owls you start with a number of owls and that's how many you clear. Maybe I have misunderstood your post and please let me know if I have. I presume you are playing bubble witch 3. πŸ™‚πŸŒž

  • WoodyWoody Posts: 64 Level 3

    I had to clear 40 owls. When I finished the level and cleared ALL the bubbles I had 39/40 owls. So I was short 1 owl.

  • KimElstonKimElston Posts: 1,432 Superstar

    @Woody now I have got it you was one owl short of completing the level before it froze. It was just your wording saying you never had enough owls that confused me. Yes it is frustrating if you have nearly finished and your game freezes as it cancels out you complete 1st time rewards all I can say is your not alone it does happen but very rarely so I hope you will be just fine. Did you follow @stan1981 s advice as this help in resetting things for you πŸ‘πŸ™‚

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