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Bug bug bug!!! Magic Escape - first level - release 100 levels!!


  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 20,869 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @JRN do you mean clear 100 owls I presume so as this also happened to me there was no owls and I had shots left but said only 98 had been cleared. But when I replayed it it was fine I was just glad it was the first level as after that it takes you backwards if not completed first time. I must say there was no further issues throughout the this challenge and it was easily completed without moving backwards. 👍 goodluck 🙂⭐

  • JRN
    JRN Posts: 7 Level 2

    @KimElston, Thank you for your reply. Yes I have the same issues like when i finish first level and move to second and fail the second level, i am forced to play first level again. So from your message I understand that going forward this will be resolved! Thank you again. I will keep ya all posted! Happy bursting bubbles, releasing owls and reuniting little angels! Enjoy!

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 20,869 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @JRN I think we have a misunderstanding it was the seeing 100 owls that resolves when you play it again. The being dropped down a level is part of the challenge you have to complete the level first time in order to stay up. 🙈👍

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