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Hello everyone! 

Some of you know me already... Some of you ( I can see we have a lot of new members since I left) don’t. So for those who don’t know me, yet, let me introduce myself: 

Once upon a time… I used to be the CM of  Bubble Witch. My broomstick brought me to other Communities, but I worked my magic and what can I say.. I’m better at this than Merlin the Magician so… 

I’m back Witches! 

You guys will see me around working my magic along with my partner in incantations @QueenB  

And since I’m back we thought.. Why not? Let’s throw a party and give away some of those shiny Gold Bars!

Want to have some fun? 👉 Then head over here, you won’t get disappointed 😉

Have fun and remember... May the Magic be with You 💫

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