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Why give star dust when you can’t use it?

micheleswemicheleswe Posts: 6 Level 2

since I completed the upper cat world, I count on the daily prize for some a shooting star or game time. Once you can no longer use the dust to build a world it is a let down. Currently I have 140,000 star dust points. This and being paired with non participating players in the wake the tree or the trickiest chest is disheartening as I am a loyal player. I playy u almost every day. Is there an end? Are u giving up. I’m an artist and a graphic artist. I can help design a 3rd level above the vine... ideas- a tree house... Eventually outer space, then endless planets, black holes. The cats world made the game more fun...


  • KimElstonKimElston Posts: 2,496 Superstar

    Hi @micheleswe we are waiting patiently for a bubbleific new stardust option to come our way. We have opened a discussion for our players to make suggestions so we can pass them onto the studio. Lots of players ask about this and lots have viewed the discussion but only a few have give us suggestions. We need more players to come forward before we can pass them on. Maybe you would like to leave your suggestions. With reference to the chest and other in game challenges again lots of us are waiting for amazing replacement to come our way. The studio are working on new adventures and we just need to be patient as I am sure they will be bubbleicious

    As for your experience as a graphic artist you could be very useful in helping us create images for our contests. I may call on you one day to see what you can produce. Have a starlistic day 👍⭐🙂

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