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Need Technical Help - Star Total is Wrong (Again)

rustypirustypi Posts: 16 Level 2

I posted back in May that my star total was 2 lower than it should have been and asked for advice. Having received no useful reply, I restarted the game from level 1 by linking to Google instead of Facebook. Everything seemed to be adding up fine this time, until yesterday I realised that my star total is now 3 lower than it should be.

Before anyone asks, yes I've triple checked my calculation. I should have 5074 stars but my total is only 5071. I would be happy to replay the level or levels where the stars haven't been added correctly to the total, but have no idea which levels they may be or if it's even possible for the total to be corrected now that I've experienced a technical glitch.

I play on an Android mobile connected to the internet at home. My wifi signal is very strong.

And, finally, yes this is important to me. My star total is wrong AGAIN and I'd like it to be fixed. Can anyone please provide some helpful advice or technical assistance?


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