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An embarrassing glitch & an account question

maggybethsmaggybeths Posts: 5 Level 2

I usually play the game on my iPad. When I stopped playing last night, I think I had about 97 points. This morning I logged on with my phone (cause the iPad was dead) and my 400+ score from last week was still showing on my phone. Now I’m showing 487 on both devices and honestly I’m embarrassed... people are gonna think I’m cheating as I’ve seen several posts already of people being labeled cheaters for large point increases when it could be something really innocent. Is there a way to fix this? As of right now I’m just gonna concentrate on earning my gold on the previous levels cause I feel bad for the people I just knocked off of the top three levels.

Which brings me to another horrifying issue... I’m logged in with my Apple ID which has my full name. I can only see “You” ... is my full name showing on this??? Cause if so I’m about to scrub my entire progress and start back at 1 ... I’m that horrified. But I don’t want to lose my progress.


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