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All the fixed glitches are back :(

PD987PD987 Posts: 238 Level 3

Hey folks

A little while ago i reported a bunch of glitches which were rectified. They included the app crashing, the tree not waking or waking up then the app crashed so i lost my rewards, no tricksies treats, freezing screen, etc etc.

It had been great for weeks, no glitches whatsoever - until yesterday. Oh dear me, so many glitches are back. I've just lost my rewards for waking the tree, no sooner had the tree been wakened the app crashed, again. The game is freezing every time i try to play an ad for a free spell or the extra 3 bubbles at the end of the game. I'm losing lives constantly, and because i'm not getting the tree rewards my lives are being used up quickly.

The game is on the latest version, i've cleared the cache, turned my device off and on more than once, all to no avail :(

Anyone else getting these issues?



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