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How do I delete this

sandyscove Posts: 4 Newbie

How do I get out of or delete this ridiculous Community site?


  • johamilton
    johamilton Posts: 25,235 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @sandyscove, I am sorry you are not enjoying being here in the Community. You can just log out of the Community and not be part of any of the contests or games. If you use the King account to play your games, I really would not suggest you delete the account because it stores your progress. Your player profile is vital, as it stores your progress in the game, plus any items you may have purchased, such as Gold Bars. It also contains your entire purchase history and your friends list if you have a King account. Removing this data is irreversible, so it's important you consider these factors before making the decision to remove your data. This will mean you will lose your progress, friends list (King account only) and items both free and purchased in all our games. 

    Is there a particular reason you are not enjoying being here? Anything we can help you out with?

  • QueenB
    QueenB Posts: 14,465 Community Manager

    You're leaving us 😥

    Is there anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable?

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