Down trodden

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I used to have an account 11764130520 In this account I was on a level 3 I also had 8 discussions 5:00 comments 74 badges and about 2:00 points now I have lost all of this I have been given a new account number 10384730515 And I will show you a picture of what I have been demoted to by having this New account I have been demoted to level 2 with 8 discussions a 141 comments 86 points and 25 badges Because of this I have Deleted All king games Except for diamond diaries and bubble witch 3 which I still have my my game progress on bubble witch 3 thanks to pretty bubbles who who retrieved it for me I've tried to get back in To the spirit of the game But my heart's just not In it I'm gonna give it a couple more days And if it stays the same I probably will delete those games and close out my account I appreciate All of your help Especially pretty bubbles My heart felt thanks goes out to her With all I have put out to get as far as I was in this game Starting out over is just not worth it.


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    Hi @jojo75 As we discussed it appears that you had 2 accounts somehow and your first ID was checked and showed you was already high in levels but you couldn't access it but then the second ID showed you was lower so we manually added your levels we cant move points, badges, discussion or your status to this account I wish we could of

    I am sorry you are still upset about this but we really did do all we can for you

    I would be sad to see you leave us 😌👍⭐

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  • jojo75jojo75 Posts: 399 Level 3

    Pretty bubbles I know you did all that you could And you did recover cover my bubble witch 3 saga levels backup to the 3000 and something And I really do appreciate it but I've lost the love for the game when you are up there is there a level 3 I'm having all them badges it makes you Now that I'm down below where I was I'm more than likely we'll pull out of the game altogether I just wanted you to knowThat was what I was thinking of doing I'm trying to pull myself into the game moreBut it's not working but I do thank you for all of your kindness you have been so sweet and kind If anybody deserves special recognition it would be youThank you for everything it's been fun.

  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 7,721 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @jojo75 Thank you for your complement 👏 It is as always a pleasure to help and really do hope to continue to see you around 👍⭐

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