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  • MicheleHogg
    MicheleHogg Posts: 691 Level 3

    @PD987 I received the notice that I made it to the next round but have no new levels to play. Was booted to Leo's Cup challenge yesterday morning so lost all access to my regular game, no access to collect boosters from the Witches Path etc & the tournament had begun 1.5 hours before I was told that it was time to join the challenge. Still no new levels which means I can't collect boosters, the hats have disappeared & I am feeling very disappointed. So many glitches in this game lately. I'm seriously considering deleting...🤔😐

  • PD987
    PD987 Posts: 395 Level 3


    Hi Michele 👋

    That's a big bugbear of mine as well, the fact that we play chapter to chapter so there's no way we can ever collect as many stars as those players on lower levels. If we're all supposed to have an equal shot at winning then the system needs a change. If i've only got 3 levels left in the last chapter then that's only 9 stars I can possibly collect, hardly going to get me up there with the leaders, is it?! :/

    Whilst in Leo's Cup if you scroll down you should see your last chapter, you can get out of it there and play old levels and continue waking the tree. It used to work like that for me.

    Anyway, well done on getting through and I hope you carry on progressing further. Good luck 😊

  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,079 Level 4

    Well, I woke up this morning to find out I made it, and it looks like I have my work cut out for me! 😁

    One nice thing is it also, finally, showed up on my PC, at least I think so, they apparently need to polish the PC version a bit! Or maybe I am actually playing the "unknown String ID" tournament instead! 🤣

  • johamilton
    johamilton Posts: 23,290 Bubble Witch Moderator

    I missed it all around. By the time I sat down to play, I did not have a chance to even qualify. There was no way I could catch up to the top players 😕

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 22,505 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @Lemurtek I am glad you made it and yes you need to get a move on👍⭐

    How strange is your second screenshot 🤔

    Let's ask @QueenB to come and take a look at it 👍

  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,079 Level 4
    edited November 2021

    @PrettyBubbles and @QueenB Hmm, well they took the PC version away, perhaps they are fixing the title? Who knows. I hope the lvels I win on the PC still count!

  • DU123
    DU123 Posts: 455 Level 3

    Thanks for taking the time to find out @QueenB , i appreciate it 😊

    If the results were shown within the actual game then there would be no confusion in the first place. But for myself to be in 3rd position before the qualifier was suddenly removed, only to then be told i didn't make it, without even seeing the results, is very unfair. I'm not sure i'll join in any more of these particular contests, i'll just stick with the ones where we show our screenshots, at least those ones are fair.

  • MicheleHogg
    MicheleHogg Posts: 691 Level 3

    Hi @PrettyBubbles, I agree that those of us who are playing chapter by chapter are at a huge disadvantage in the tournaments. Also agree that the issues with the Book need to be resolved & I agree with @pd@PD987 that only scores of players who are playing online should count. In reading through the feedback it seems that many of us feel that the tournaments are unfair & there are often so many glitches that put many of us at a disadvantage. Thanks so much for responding to our concerns & for all of your advice. I really enjoy BW3 & participating in the community & tournaments. I'm hoping that the game developers will address all of our concerns because it's becoming less enjoyable to continue to play.

  • MicheleHogg
    MicheleHogg Posts: 691 Level 3

    @PD987 Hi Phil, guess you are having the same issues that I'm having. Totally agree with you regarding players who play offline & scores are added at the end of the challenge. I was in 3rd place for several days & finished in 7th. Until yesterday morning I was still grateful to move into the next round.

    When I finished the chapter yesterday morning my game switched to Leo's Cup & it all went downhill after that. You mentioned that you could switch back to previous chapters? Unfortunately there was no where on my screen to do that. I could switch back to wake up the tree but did not have access to the book or previous chapters. All very frustrating to say the least. Early this morning I was notified that Round 1 of the tournament was beginning but I couldn't access that either. It took 1.5 hours this morning & I lost access again this afternoon. I'm competitive but also a good sport & generally enjoy the challenges & tournaments. However, the unfairness of the tournaments & all of the glitches lately are making playing much less enjoyable. ☹️

  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,079 Level 4

    Blame it on the Moon! Another bit of weirdness... I on the PC the Golden Tournament is labeled "Moon Chase" I guess I'm running with the Wolves tonight! 😉

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