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What are The Leagues and How to Play It?

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Hello Witches and Wizards!

The Conjure Games are held every 300 years - do you have what it takes to come out on top? These legendary games are a massive party for the spectators, and some serious fun for the Witches as everyone watches to see who is the best of the best!

🔮 What are The Leagues?

The Leagues is a limited-time event in Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

While playing The Leagues, you'll need to complete tasks to earn special Amulets and move up through the five leagues.

Here are the five spellbinding leagues that you'll work through to earn glory:

  • Broomstick League (the starting league)
  • Cauldron League
  • Arcane League
  • Moon League
  • Astral League (the highest league).

Use all of your cunning and magic over the season (which lasts two weeks) to earn amulets, rank as high as possible, and earn promotion to the next league... exciting rewards await the best witches!

🔮 How do I play The Leagues?

To win The Leagues and prove yourself as the best witch out there, you'll need to earn magical Amulets to rank up on the leaderboards.

You can earn Amulets by completing the following tasks:

  • Complete a level (must be a new level)
  • Complete a hard level (must be a new level)
  • Complete a super hard level (must be a new level)
  • Complete an episode (must be a new episode)

The harder the task, the more Amulets you'll receive - go for the tough tasks to move up the leaderboards and establish yourself as the champion!

Please note that you'll gain access to The Leagues after passing Level 65.

🔮 How do promotion and relegation work?

At the end of each season, Amulets are counted and witches are reorganized into the appropriate league. The best witches will earn promotions, while the witches at the bottom will be moved down.

Things work a little differently in the Astral League. Here, only the top 3 witches get a reward and they'll start the next season in the same league. The last 5 players are demoted to the previous league, while the remaining 7 players stay in the same league.

🔮 What if I don't have this event?

In order to keep the events and challenges accessible and available for everyone, sometimes you might have access to it and your friends may not, or vice-versa. This is so that everyone gets to play with as many features as is manageable. 

Keep in mind, that you may have it when they don't too - so dive in whenever you get the chance!

🔮 We want your feedback!

If you have played the feature, we’ll be very interested in hearing your feedback 😉

What do you think of the design?

What do you think of the theme?

Do you understand how the feature works?

Please stay on topic and be specific and if possible, give us some examples so that we can fully understand what you mean 🤗

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