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🔮 Let’s have fun with the last letter - Tagging Edition! 🔮

EOTheGr8EOTheGr8 Posts: 2,422 Level 5
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Hey everyone!

We all love and enjoy that very fun game created by our dear @PrettyBubbles, right?

Well I’m here to make my own version of that game… with a twist!

Welcome to… ⤵️

I’m sure most of us already know how this game works, but for those who don’t know, here is a short summary on how it works: You are to make a new word using the last letter of the previous word posted. For example, Awesome, Excellent, Teacher… you get the idea!

But in this version of the game, instead of posting words, we’ll be tagging each other! So for example, @EOTheGr8, @8D_cuddy, @Yosca, and so on!

A few rules before we begin: ⤵️

  • React to the previous post! 💡🤯👍❤️😂
  • Don’t ruin the game; stay on track! 😉
  • HAVE FUN! 🤩

So now that we all understand how this game works, lets begin!

To tag, all you have to do is type @ followed by the last letter of the previously tagged player and select a player from the drop down list.

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