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Two Gold Hats. a Hidden Spell, Two Shooting Stars, One Stereo Bolt, and a Rainbow Rush...

Lemurtek Posts: 2,079 Level 4

Walk into a bar...

So I'm stuck on Level 5255. I can't seem to find my way. Poor Charlie! Eventually, I get the golfd hat, then go on to get the second round of hats. Now I get the Hidden spell, and I am so over this stupid level. And there is the second gold hat! I figure it's now or never, So I use the first gold hat spell to secure the second gold hat, thus clearing out one screen of bubbles. Then I find the hidden sepll, and use that to progress further, though those pesky beetles ensure I don't get as far as I'd like. I keep playing use up all but one bubble, still not as far as I'd like to be. So I use the second Gold Hat spell to advance one more screen of bubbles. Not enough though. So, I use two shooting stars, and a Stereo Bolt to, finally, get to the top... only those pesky beetles close off the top row. Okay fine, I use my last precious rainbow rush to clear the way, and I win the level! All is good right?

Umm, nope, although I have won the level, and earned my three stars, stupid X-Box game recorder decided to record 7 minutes of my Gmail inbox webpage! How fascinating!

Ah well, at least the "new and improved" Conjure games/Astral League has finally started accepting my wins, and will give me my three stars, and, after ten days of denying me my earned stars, and corresponding progress, let me advance, right? Right???

Nope! Once again, no credit for winning a new level. So far, this cheating little Cheatey McCheater event has accepted one level, for 3 stars, out of some 40+ levels won!

Boo! 🤬



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