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🎉 Level 6000 Celebration 🎉

Minatozaki Posts: 1,043 Community Manager

Hi Witches and Wizards, I have such good news.

Level 6000 is finally out and we all get this unique chance to celebrate this amazing magical milestone 🥳🎉

🔮 How to play?

You have 4 days starting today, to complete 5 levels, with the last level being level 6000 and you must complete the first 4 levels to access level 6000.

Once you have completed the special level, you will be rewarded with a chest full of rewards 🎁

Are you having fun participating in the event? Let us know by commenting below 👇

But wait, there is more...

If you mastered level 6000, then you have the right to collect this Exclusive Level 6000 badge Here

📡 Note! Not everybody has access to this feature as this is still being tested so only a group of players will have it. Don't worry, if you don't have it this time you will get a chance to test this in the future as long as you always make sure your game is up to date!

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