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Ended Mission 3 🫧 Bubbles and more Bubbles 🫧

johamilton Posts: 23,223 Bubble Witch Moderator
edited July 2023 in Contests

Ended Bubbles Bubbles ~ How many can you clear ❓️

Mission 3

🫧How to play Clear the Bubbles 🫧

Can play any level

You do not need to complete the level

  • Take a screenshot showing it is a Clear all Bubbles
  • Then a screenshot once you have opened up the game (That will show us how many bubbles you will pop)
  • Then a screenshot showing you have passed the level.
  • If you do not complete the level, then before your last shot, take a screenshot showing how many bubbles you have cleared

**** Please do not post your screenshots like above. Post them separately in one comment. Otherwise I cannot see the amount of bubbles.

How to Win

You need to post a total of 5000 bubbles

Once you have completed the mission you will receive your All Bubbles badge

*** To receive this badge, you do need to complete Mission 1 and 2

Good Luck everyone and have fun😀

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