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why is it showing that I've got one more owl to get

Lesley-6 Posts: 377 Level 3

Why is it showing that I've got one more owl to get to finish the level when on the screenshot it shows clearly that I've finished the level and by the way used a few boosters to get there and now I have to play the same level again and lost much needed boosters, I can't say which ones I used but rest assured I certainly used some, I'm sick of it, it's not the first time this problem has occurred and I'm disappointed that the random videos for extra bubbles is so random that they are becoming rare, not so many extra challenges now either, what's going on, are you winding the game down in preparation for it being discontinued, if so that would be a shame as I know plenty of people play it worldwide and I for one have played for years starting with the original Bubble Witch, I get as you go into the higher levels it will become harder but unless you are willing to spend your money, and I for one will never do that, then it's getting nigh on impossible to finish some levels, even those that aren't marked as hard or super hard.


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