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When did you start playing king games? Story time!!! 📖

BobaKitty_BW3fanBobaKitty_BW3fan Posts: 203 Level 3

If you can remember : when did you start playing king games, post it here! It’s time for a story time!!! I start playing king games at home— my mom and dad downloaded a game called Bubble witch don’t know how to play it or what it’s about, good O’ smart me took dad’s phone and play it— I love the game! My dad play it a few times and stopped ( he was more interested in Candy Crush Saga, mom said he was too into that game ) One day my mum press on the BW2 and couldn’t get out of the page so we downloaded it

A few years later I thought my BFF was reading books too much and should try other entertainment, so? I let her try BWS2 and… I brought a new King member!!!😁 2021 : I downloaded the game BWS3 and Candy Crush Friends, I like Bubble witch 3 the most! And yes my BFF also played it, we both love it

February 2022 : I join the community and met wonderful people here! I’m planning to go and make an account for my BFF at Sunday….

Hope you guys like my story, It’s your turn!




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