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Who are the friends listed at the bottom of my game?

When I click on Home at the bottom of the game screen, there is a scrolling bar of my friends who play the game. Included are several game profiles that are NOT Facebook friends, nor do I recognize them. Are these friends previously added on other King games? How do I go about checking out their profiles? Or deleting them from my game friends list if I so desire?


  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900 Level 2

    Probably suggested friends, you get that with Kingdom so i reckon that's where they're coming from. Considering how Facebook works, I would be surprised if they managed to give you suggested friends from Facebook itself. What do the profile pics look like, game avatars by any chance?

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  • Some of the avatars are game avatars, and some I'm pretty certain are Facebook profile pictures... I just don't recognize them, nor are they in my FB friends list.

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