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Why can't I find my facebook friends on the friends list?

Mona_LindqvistMona_Lindqvist Posts: 6 Level 2

Where are my facebook friends that I know are playing Bubble Witch 3?? Instead I find people that are not among my friends..? I don't want to play with people that I don't know..!!



  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900 Level 2

    Depends on the permissions setting you input when you first add the game. If you denied access to some part then it's possible it's linked to accessing your friends list. Go to the ย your Apps sections in Facebook and hover over BW3S, you should see "Edit this" and can check and modify if need be from there. If you can't find it, you can always remove the game (your progress is saved to Facebook even if you remove it) and when you add it again you'll get the permissions settings again.

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